Were you complaining about waking up with an aching back and sore hips, and a friend piped up to say “hey! You need a Snoogle body pillow!”  If you’re like me, the thought of a body pillow never occurred to you until now.

I went 24 years without every using one, and the idea of a large body pillow being added to our little queen size bed sounded less than appealing.

But when I was expecting twins nearly four years ago, my husband did his research and found what he believed to be the best body pillow for pregnancy, and got it as a Christmas present for me.

I was so confused when I opened that heavy box, and found a compressed bag of something inside. But as I opened it it just kept on decompressing until it was a massive, U shaped pillow that I hung around my neck and laughed about.

I was genuinely thrilled. 5 months in and the twins were already wreaking havoc on my sleep and comfort.

He had gotten me the  Comfort U Maternity Pillow. It did, honestly, take up a lot of room in our bed, and my massive 60 lb gain over the next 4 months didn’t help with the crowding factor, but there was nothing gonna separate me from that pillow.

It held up very well, and with my next pregnancy, 2.5 years later, I pulled it out for the third trimester with our next pregnancy.

Now it lives in our camper and is invaluable on the less than cushy travel mattress that we use on camping trips. It’s a good friend, and I trust I’ll have it around for many more years, and maybe even another pregnancy or two!

Top Rated Pillows For Maternity Use

Leachco Snoogle Pillow With Washable Zippable Cover

If you want a smaller body pillow, the C shape of the LeachCo Snoogle is a little smaller than the larger U shaped, or fully contoured maternity pillows. The soft

The soft cover makes it have ultimate snuggle power, while it is shaped ideally to be a good pillow shape for your head while providing back support and wrapping around to go between your legs for hip lift and support.

While some have found that it doesn’t hold up to long term use, most have not had that problem, and pregnancy isn’t exactly long term, so I don’t find that to be a major drawback for a maternity body pillow.

If you’re even a little claustrophobic, or toss and turn a lot in your sleep, this might not be
the best option, as you get adjusted and then are firmly supported in one position.

To change sides requires a little bit of effort, so this is ideal for someone who sleeps in one position for most the night, or for someone who is supposed to stay in one spot.

Since it’s best to sleep on your left side throughout your pregnancy to optimize blood flow to the placenta, this pillow might be motivation to accomplish that for anyone who is struggling to stay in that optimal position.

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The PharMeDoc Total Pillow For Pregnancy Use

The PharMeDoc is another C shaped pillow with excellent reviews and durability. It’s larger than the Snoogle pregnancy pillow, and a more complete C Shape, so it takes up a little more of the bed.

Washability of the covers is fine, with them zipping off and on easily. The cover is soft and cozy, and the pillow doesn’t seem to trap body heat, and has good breathability.

Again, it can be hard to get in and out of, but this can be a positive if you need help sleeping on your left side through pregnancy.

Keeping your back in a straight line and your hips happily opened is pretty invaluable through your third trimester, so keep in mind that if you purchase a pillow early on, it might not be worth the effort of use until your later months.

So hang onto it, and try it out every couple of weeks to see if it improves your current sleep comfort!

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Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

When my husband researched what pregnancy body pillow for twin pregnancies, this is the one he chose. While some argue that it is too soft, I didn’t find that to be the case for me.

Being able to switch sides was drastically important to me because the weight on my stretched skin and my poor hips was too much to sleep on one side exclusively, and the U shape of this pillow meant that I could simply switch sides without moving the pillow.

I say “simply switch sides”, but at 38 weeks with twins that meant hoisting myself onto my hands and knees, carefully collapsing one elbow and knee to let myself down slowly, positioning the pillow underneath my massive tummy, then tucking the end carefully between my legs, then deciding whether or not my engorged breasts wanted me to tip slightly back and position the pillow under them as well.

This pillow also folds and reconforms quite easily, meaning that when you want to get out of bed you simply lift one arm of it and fold it up by your head. Same for getting into bed. No wrestling with a stiffly shaped curve that requires the entire pillow to be moved if you want to move.

There was also the added benefit that when I went on bed rest at 32 weeks to prevent preterm labor, the pillow folded nicely to be a large backrest for sitting reclined in my bed for watching tv and reading books.

I can’t imagine those four weeks without a foldable, mile long body pillow on the bed to manipulate into whatever shape I needed it to be!

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Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Bamboo Body Pillow

Not technically a pregnancy pillow, but Oh. My. Gosh. This pillow is the ultimate body pillow. Before, after, and during pregnancy, if you need extra support for sleep, this is a pillow worth owning.

Carefully blended bamboo and poly materials keep it from trapping heat against your body, minimizing sweat and over warmth. That makes this an ideal pillow for sweaty sleepers.

The entire pillow is also washable, though if you want it to last longer, just get a standard   54 x 20 inch body pillow case or cover so that you can wash the cover and keep the pillow from being beat up in your washing machine for as long as possible! If you love the bamboo blend material, you can get a case made from the exact same material that zips on over the pillow!

There have been small numbers of defective pillows, but the customer service in getting the pillow swapped out for a good one is excellent!

Seriously, this is a beautifully high-quality pillow that you will have to fight to keep away from your partner!

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