Monthly Granola Subscription

The sound of the golden toasted grains pouring from their bag into my bowl. The clink of a spoon. The honey infused oats crunching between my teeth…

How would you feel about getting several pounds of crunchy, golden-hued granola in your mailbox at the start of every month?


Well, in the 1970’s Gramma moved from Southern California to a hobby farm in Northern Arkansas. She brought with her a love of simple, clean foods, but the southern style diets of the region didn’t offer a lot in that department.

And so she began creating her own recipes. Granolas, smoothies, breads, salads, roasted trail mixes, fresh salsas, and overnight grains, as well as her own sprouts and salad dressings were a large part of my upbringing in the midwest.

Once I became a mom myself I realized what a powerful food the homemade granola was. While it takes a lot of work to put together a batch of granola, being able to pull a bag out of the freezer for a super snack for the toddlers, a yogurt topping, or a late night


breastfeeding mamma snack made it an essential I couldn’t live without.

And once I was in the habit of baking a large batch every month it became normal for me to share it with friends — especially as a “new baby” gift to mammas.

And then the recipe requests came pouring in. Everyone I gave a quart jar to asked for a recipe.

Cinnamon Raisin Pecan is Gramma’s personal favorite!

But it’s Gramma’s recipe. I can’t give her secrets away!


So now I’m making the finished product available here and on Etsy!

It’s processed through PayPal, so entirely secure, and you can cancel any time.

At the moment only our four basic flavors are on subscription, but you can check my Etsy for limited run flavors. 


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