A Comprehensive 2017 Buyer’s Guide For , F, G, H, I, J, And Larger Cup Sizes

Truly plus sized nursing bras are hard to find. You can’t usually walk into Motherhood Maternity and pick up a 48J.

But most plus size bras are also very expensive, so it’s hard to make the decision to purchase a bra online that costs the equivalent of a week’s worth of groceries.

Which is why I write these reviews. Because it can take hours to make shopping decisions like this one, so I figure if I can save you those hours, you can click “check out now” and get back to your kids.

The way I do this, since I’m all of a B cup (A C when nursing) is that I read hundreds upon hundreds of reviews. I watch youtube reviews. I look at the department store site’s reviews because the customers that shop there and actually leave reviews are people who are brand faithful and know what to expect with their orders. And I compile them into pros and cons and experiences so that you know exactly what reputation each product has.

If a product has little or no actual value, we aren’t gonna bother reviewing it.

So, on to the buyer’s guide

1. The Elomi Women’s Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra Review – Your Everyday Wardrobe Essential

Black nursing bra with underwire

You know the “I’ve never felt so aliiiiiiiivvvveeeee!!” feeling that you get when you put on something life changing?

Yeah. That one.

That’s what the majority of women who get a properly fitted Elomi nursing bra feel. Support. Softness. Structure. Everything that shows that a bra loves you and that makes you love it in return.

Elomi has two very supportive, truly plus size options that are worthwhile purchases. The favorite across all platforms is The Elomi Women’s Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra, with its sister, the unwired “Beatrice” version, being a close second with comparable support, even in the JJ cup range.

As with all bras, there are quirks — the underwire has a very small percentage that break and some people find the general coverage to be too thin to provide as much coverage as needed, but in general, these are a highly favored option.

The “molded” version with the underwire is a little more supportive, while the “Beatrice” has a more separated look that depends more on the seams and straps for support and can occasionally cause a bit of a cone shape, but that generally goes away with a few washings.



The Wire-Free Beatrice Bra by Elomi
  • This is a pretty bra, which is rare in the postpartum and nursing world. Not flashy, but not nude toned with obvious seams like most other quality options. It looks like a real bra that you are proud to wear.
  • Excellent support for even the J and K cup ranges.
  • Heavy duty clasps that won’t accidentally unhook.


  • The clasps are made to hold very heavy breasts and can sometimes require two hands to unhook.
  • Underwires may break.
  • The main cup of the bra is too thin to be worn without a nursing pad for people with more prominent nipples.
  • Sizing. This isn’t actually a con — but so many people mess it up that you would think it was difficult. But it’s not. It’s just that Elomi is in UK sizes.  SO YOU HAVE TO USE THE SIZE CHART. Which is why I am now going to insert the size chart. So that you see it before you start shopping:

sizing chart for UK measurements

To Shop The Elomi Super Supportive Plus Size Nursing Bras
Go Here


2. The Goddess Keira Wireless Nursing Bra As Everyday Or Sleep Option


goddess kiera

The Goddess brand has a great reputation as a plus size lingerie line that fits well and is great quality.

And so, their followers were delighted to see them roll out a nursing option that was pretty and comfortable.

Especially since it was a wire free option.

That means this can be used as a sleep bra.

A lot of people were put off by the “cone” shape of the cups, but it seems to be that the bra looks exactly like the model shows it, with a very structured and separated cup style. With a too large size the support is not enough to prevent “torpedoing”.  DO NOT BUY THIS BRA IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE SHAPE IN THE PRODUCT PICTURES.

Again, trouble with sizing can throw people off, so make sure to use the sizing tips provided by the manufacturer.


  • High quality that holds up to washing.
  • Wire free support is less likely to cause plugged ducts.
  • Pretty material that slides nicely instead of sticking to your shirt.
  • Wide, comfortable straps that don’t slip.
  • Heavy duty nursing clip won’t “pop loose”.
  • Goes up to a 42 N or 46 I


  • Seams across the front of the cups are visible through very light/thin tops.
  • Nursing access clip can require two hands to release and reattach.
  • Difficult to size correctly. (reference manufacturer’s information above.)

To Shop The Goddess Kiera Large Cup Size Nursing Bras Go Here


3. The Bravado! Wireless Essential Embrace – Everyday Wear OR The Ultimate Supportive Sleep

Bravado Large Sizes Nursing Bra
The Essential Embrace is a sports styled full coverage front with no underwire, extra wide straps, a wide band, super easy clips for nursing access, and is comfortable enough to use as a sleep bra or supportive enough for casual everyday wear.

The size range goes up to a J/K, and this is a washable daily wear styled piece that you won’t regret owning, even if the support and shape aren’t what you want for work days or events.

Bravado! is probably the most highly rated brand that carries the sizes in the J range, with across the board dependability and quality. Once you go Bravado! you may never go back to other brands.

While this particular piece isn’t exactly breathtakingly beautiful, the practicality of it as a nude colored, moderate neckline, easy nursing clasp item makes it probably the most loved of all the pieces we are reviewing.


  • Breathable cotton blend is less suffocating than the more satin-like options.
  • Nice support perfect for sleeping.
  • Extra wide, no slip strraps for comfort.
  • Good everyday option for t-shirts or other loose clothes.
  • Easy, one hand nursing acccess clip.


  • Creates a “uniboob” look with its sports bra style
  • Gets a little saggy between washings.

Go Here To Shop The Bravado! Essential Embrace


4. The Petite Fit — The Sugar Candy Seamless Everyday and Sleep Nursing Bra by Cake Lingerie

The Perfect Early Postpartum/End Of Pregnancy Bra (Standard and Plus Sizes also available)

cake sugar candy bra

The Sugar Candy Doesn’t Have Cup Sizes. But the sizes are carefully generated for petite women with large breasts, so it has a range of S-XXL type sizes.  For example, the Medium is a perfect fit for a 32K. Finding that small of a band for that large of a cup is challenging, and almost never comfortable.

This is a super soft, even luxuriously so, but is not structured or sized to specific cups. Instead it has a high tech woven structure built in to prevent “uniboob” and to provide a shockingly strong amount of support while staying thin and soft, which means that you can feel modest and clothed and not worry about leaking or too much bounce, but you won’t feel like you are in an actual bra.

As such, it is primarily used as a sleep/around the house bra, but a lot of people feel quite happy using it as a 24/7 option. If you’re more free spirited than most, you probably will as well.

The clips are an easy one-hand style that makes feeding a cinch.

The combination of soft, flexible sizing, easy clips, and the 24/7 capabilities make this our top pick for the early postpartum stage. For those first couple months when you aren’t leaving the house a lot, don’t get to shower often, and don’t want to mess with changing from sleep bra to day bra and back to sleep again — this is the perfect piece.  That may also describe most of your third trimester.

Prosadjustable back straps reconfigure

  • Soft and wire free, but with shape and support
  • Ideal level comfort for sleep.
  • Easy one hand clasp for nursing
  • Flexible sizing that allows for engorgement/milk amount changes
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable strap for “racerback” configuration.


  • Cake Lingerie has some hit and miss products. I was excited to have them on this list, but sad to find that they don’t always have the best quality. Their models with underwires don’t seem to hold up. While this particular bra seems to do great, I wouldn’t go crazy about the brand from this one item. There are a lot of sizing issues with their products that have specific cup sizes.
  • Couldn’t really find any negatives for this particular piece!

For Standard Plus Size Options Go Here

For Petite Large Cup Options Go Here

I wish I could give you guys more quality options than these four, but when it comes to plus size, there are less options. While I understand that it’s only 1% of the population that needs more than a D cup, this reminds me of this little experiment I read about where Jessica Torres dressed like her skinny best friend for a week.

While it would be financially damaging to most companies to expand their options for 1% of their consumers, I do wish that these quality options came in prettier styles and with more color options. Because we all love a pretty bra, even when extra effort has to be put into function!



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