Postpartum Doula Services In Springfield MO

I’m a student at Childbirth International, working on my postpartum doula certification. As I work on certification I’m providing discounted postpartum care packages.  If you feel like you or someone you know would benefit by having me come in a couple times a week to:

  • Make sure the new mamma has a chance to take a shower and/or nap.
  • Help with organizing and keeping up with newborn care supplies.
  • Help gaining confidence in breastfeeding and basic infant care.
  • A safe and supportive ear to help sort through postpartum emotions and experiences.
  • Meal preparation and tips for simplifying mealtime during the postpartum phase.
  • Help with integrating the new baby and older siblings.
  • Help with babywearing.
  • Using resources and research to answer questions and anxieties.

Reach out to me at for a consultation meeting where we can get face to face!