About Joanna

My Mission: to help parents live a simplified, joyful, healthy life. Balancing options with common sense and enjoying the everyday instead of being anxious and overthinking it! 


Hello, Mommies and Daddies of the internet!

My name is Joanna, and I’m a stay at home, homeschooling, multiples mommy to a first grader, toddler twins, and a new baby girl! While I will be keeping their names and faces off of the blog for privacy reasons, I want you to know a little about myself and my family, so go to my “Meet The Clan” post!

I am making this site for multiple reasons:

  1. I want to provide a resource page of actual, experience-based reviews and information where you can type “multiples stroller” or “what’s the difference between mastitis and a clogged duct” into the search bar and know that the author is doing her best to give you honest, researched answers instead of just spilling whatever she found on Wikipedia into a cheap page to generate clicks.
  2. I want to learn my husband’s trade of internet marketer. He’s a professional SEO and affiliate marketer, and I will be using his skills to monetize the site. I will not let monetization make me promote one product as better than another when it isn’t, or write articles I know absolutely nothing about. But I will be reviewing products and placing affiliate links for my favorites in my review articles.
  3. I want to keep my brain from curling up into fetal position and withering like a magnolia tree in the arctic. Being a mommy is grueling. It’s messy. While there are so many joys and rewards, the mundane piles of laundry and inventory lists eat away at your mental abilities. By spending a few minutes a day researching user reviews, finding natural remedies to everyday aches and ailments, reading pregnancy and birth books, learning how to format and optimize websites, and being rewarded with comments and commissions, I hope to put a little more spark and adult interaction into my daily routine!
  4. After years of positive feedback on my private accounts, I want to share some of the joy I find in the hilariously disastrous world of motherhood. I want you all to be able to laugh at my experiences as much as I do. If you find the idea of stories that include dirty cat litter, two-year-olds, and dirty mop water to be as funny as I do,  then stick around! Life is fun. No matter how dirty. If you’re laughing then you will be too busy to be moping.


So go ahead, use that search bar! See if I can save you some frustrating hours of sifting through reviews!
And watch for new content! I plan to expand the site to unboxing videos, interviews with moms and homeschool co-op leaders and music teachers and nurses and midwives and doulas! I want to talk to single dads and single moms and moms going to school and working moms! I want to know how those parents with honor roll students chose their school and helped their kids excel! I hope to bring you these tidbits and interviews over the next few years, but for now, I’m gonna get the bare bones off the ground.

If those things sound exciting to you, go ahead and sign up for our emails. I won’s spam you, and it’ll probably be several months before I start sending out exciting things like live interviews and hilarious new youtubes, but when I get there you won’t want to miss it!

Thanks for tuning in!