It’s taken too long to introduce you to my crew of crazies, but I finally have stopped, mid post, to take time to do that. As I mentioned on my “About Me” page, I won’t be using their real names on their blogs, but I am gonna use some of their more common nickname/abbreviations.

But I won’t start with them. I’ll start with the guy who comes first.


Hubby is just gonna be hubby for this site. That’s all. Because, to me, that’s a super-hero name. He’s the guy who reminded me this week that we removed “obey” from our wedding vows because we are partners, and if I don’t feel like something is right then he doesn’t want me to do it. He’s the guy who would walk across the condo at 3am, 3 times a night, to bring me one twin to nurse, then take that twin back and bring me the next one, then take that one back to bed.  He’s self-employed: he built an online business from scratch using the cash from working overtime hours at his call center job. He still works that hard.

“Gman” is our firstborn. He’s starting 2nd grade this fall as a homeschooler, and is super smart and very driven to do right and be helpful. But he can’t tell a joke. At all. He loves silliness and laughs all the time, but man, his knock-knock jokes are painful. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up, but only so that he can design his super suit and mobile and then he will be *shushed dramatic whisper* “Dragoonnnflyyyyy”.

“Sunshine girl” is what we call our spunky little girl twin. We will call her “Sunshine” on the blog. She’s a three-year-old ball of fire that own every room she walks into with her waves, hugs, giggles, and non stop conversation. She is capable of going nuclear with .0008 seconds notice, then reversing into full sunshine mode with just as little notice all over again.  She loves everyone… at the moment.

“Dino-Boy” is our boy twin. Quiet and imaginative and often hiding in his own little “bubble”, he named himself “Dino-boy” a couple months ago so that he could keep up with Gman’s “Dragonfly” game. Now he introduces himself to cashiers with his super name and insists that it’s part of his real name.

“Tiny” is our newest little one. She’s a summer baby and will be turning one before I can blink. She’s silent for hours at a time when we go out, just watching and listening to everything and taking it all in. But at home, or after some time to adjust to a new setting, she jabbers and sings all day. She loves on every baby doll she sees, and tries desperately to keep up with the older three.

And then there’s the cat. He’s Paris. Like the city. Or the brother in Troy. Not Hilton. He’s a Bengal. He breaks things. A lot of things.

And that’s us! Hope you enjoy following our crazy little world!






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