Sleep Aides And Tips For Removing Sleep Difficulties

Disclaimer: All suggestions are the personal opinion of the author, who is not a health professional on any level. Please talk to your health care provider before adding any supplements to your diet!

It seems like every aspect of your life is micromanaged when you are pregnant. Everything from eating lunch meat to how to sleep has recommendations and associated risks that you have to evaluate and hear from your neighbor’s third cousin’s step-sister.
Because of that, simple things become big issues, such as your sleep position or quality of vitamins or mineral deficiencies causing insomnia during pregnancy.
We’ve reviewed our favorite maternity body pillows in a different post, so if your sleep issues stem from back and hip discomfort and struggling to find a comfortable sleep position, check those out here!

On this page, I’m going to share my personal favorite pregnancy supplements with you guys. If restless legs prevent sleep for you, some of these could help! Iron and magnesium deficiencies are both linked to restless legs! If you’re struggling with excessive joint pain and Tylenol is just keeping it at bay, you might be calcium deficient or need Omega 3s.

Iron Supplement That Doesn’t Cause Constipation During Pregnancy

Iron Deficiency Linked to Restless Leg Syndrom 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Iron supplements provide an energy burst and should be taken in the MORNING, while calcium and magnesium (see below) are relaxers that will help you sleep.

Obviously, there is no guarantee that there is any such thing as a supplement that won’t cause constipation in pregnancy since your system is a little haywire with hormones and growth and blood volume. But multiple midwives and moms and my own personal experience say that these two plant based iron supplements have almost no constipation effect.
Plant based iron is what your body needs, and can be found in a lot of different fruits and vegetables. But to get a high enough dose to be effective can be a little tricky. So here are my two favorites.

The Best Plant-Based Iron Supplements

Nature’s Plus Hemaplex
Hemaplex By Nature Plus is my go to for fatigue related to pregnancy or menstrual periods, and one that I grab if I have even a tinge of restless leg syndrome during pregnancy.

It’s a large pill, and a little potent, and I take it with a swig of milk, even though you aren’t supposed to take calcium and iron together because they contraindicate each other. It’s just hard to get it down without something with a little more consistency than water.

My first child was with an OB, and she didn’t feel like the dosages on my hemaplex box would work as well as the dosages on the nasty, charcoal tasting little pills that she wanted me to take that instantly constipated and nauseated me, but I told her it was the supplement I would be taking and she was quite satisfied with my hemoglobin before birth.
Because it’s plant based iron, your body has a much easier time absorbing it. Most iron supplements are made from mineral salts or minerals pulled from soils and rocks, which have not been processed by plants, and therefore are not ready to be processed by a human digestive system.

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Chlorophyll Liquid Supplement
This isn’t exactly an iron supplement, but it provides the building blocks needed for your body to produce healthy red blood cells.

It’s a fantastic supplement, however, especially in this day when the soil is over worked and depleted in many growing areas, meaning that we are struggling to get the minerals we need from our diet.

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Magnesium For Restless Legs and Relaxation

I have two forms of magnesium I will take during pregnancy – my calcium magnesium supplemt, and CALM.
Natural Magnesium Powder Supplement
Natural Vitality Natural CALM is a powder magnesium that you dissolve in warm water and drink. Because it’s in powder for your body absorbs it almost instantly, meaning that you can literally feel the difference it makes.

I can be in bed for hours with my legs screaming at me as I toss and turn, and get up to slug a bit of CALM, and fall asleep 15 minutes later. Is it that great for you? I don’t know… it’s probably worth a try, though. 😉

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Note: Magnesium can stimulate your bowels, so start with very small doses as directed by your care providers.
My husband actually takes it when he is struggling with insomnia, and he feels that it makes a notable difference in how easily he falls asleep and how deeply he sleeps.


Calcium Magnesium Pill Supplement
Nature’s Plus won my loyalty with their Hemaplex product, so I pick up their other supplements when I need them.

This Calcium Magnesium supplement was my mom’s go to for restless legs before she found CALM. It’s a great, quality supplement that is easy to take and should improve your overall joint health and sleep quality.

Top Rated Prenatal Multivitam

While we have discussed prenatal vitamins as a whole on a different page, I would be remiss not to add a raw, plant based prenatal vitamin for sleep quality.
Your body is working hard. So many things are just different right now, and a prenatal can sort a lot of that out.
The Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal supplement is a game changer. If you’re eating a healthy diet then you may be able to cut back a small bit on the dose, but if you’re a mom on the go with no time to invest in raw fruits and vegetables, this supplement can close the gap.
It was worth every penny for me when we were pregnant and trying to start our own business and living on $1400 a month! I can’t even tell you how much I love these vitamins!

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So, hopefully, something here is missing from your every day routine and will help with getting you some better sleep! If you are dealing with constant insomnia, talk to your care provider! There are prescriptions they can get for you if no natural remedies are helping.



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