I wasn’t ready. It couldn’t possibly be time to buy maternity jeans yet. And this shirt could surely work for another couple weeks. 

But then I saw a picture of myself. The rubber band trick I used to make my normal jeans work for the day was fully visible with the non-maternity blouse that I had worn that day. I was so frustrated. I had looked so put together in the bathroom mirror that morning…

 The Awkward In Between Phase Of Pregnancy

We all know the frustration of having to transition from our favorite jeans to maternity jeans. A maternity belly band can be used for multiple things, most commonly for extra skin coverage or to hold maternity pants in place. However, there are belly bands that have been designed for a great deal of support, not just coverage.

Maternity pants generally have elastic waists instead of belt loops and buckles, so any extra help keeping them where they belong is a very good thing. They also can help with your non-maternity pants if you are simply wearing them unsnapped and unzipped.

Not only to they help with keeping them in place, they cover up the unzipped zipper so that you don’t look like you’ve had an unfortunate brain lapse. Not that those don’t happen during pregnancy…

Every pregnant mama needs a couple of belly bands in different colors.

If you want to combine your extra coverage maternity wear needs with your back support system, we have some options for you to look at that have built-in support and go over your belly for a snug, comfortable wearing experience.

If all you want is to find a belly band for pants so that you are able to bend over or reach over your head without flashing six inches of baby bump and love handles,  then we’ll match you up with some breathable, soft, cotton bands that will provide that coverage.

If you want a LOT of support and appreciate your pants staying up and your tummy being covered, we’ve got something for you, too.

But before we dive into our top reviews for belly band style maternity products, jump down to the bottom of this page and read through our table that differentiates between support belts, support tanks, belly bands, and maternity shapers.

You might not want a belly band at all — maybe you want an entirely different system! If, however, a belly band is what you want, come back up here and check out our top picks! We’ve done a lot of digging and listened to a lot of consumers to bring you comprehensive reviews of our favorites!


Bentibo Seamless Everyday Maternity Belly Band

These soft belly band products are made as a wardrobe accessory, but having the elastic band hugging your tummy will provide some support! Machine washable and available in several colors, these really are an excellent item to keep on hand.

An added perk of these bands is the silicone rubber strip that runs along the lower edge to keep it from folding or rolling, and to help keep your maternity pants from falling down.

They tend to run large, and most users recommend buying a size smaller than you would think would fit so that you have a good, snug fit that will do its job! 


  • Super soft material for extra comfort. 
  • Rubber strip on the lower edge grips your pants and prevents the band from rolling up.
  • Durable quality that holds up well to washing. 
  • Nice color selection so that you can always find one that works with your outfit. 


  • Sizing is a bit off. 


Click Here To Shop Bentibo Seamless Everyday Bands


Blanqi Built In Maternity Support Belly Band

Blanqui has products in almost every maternity support category that we love. The brand doesn’t seem to fail on quality and customer service. What complaints we have found have been in fit or style, not in the product itself!

That being said, the Blanqi Built In Maternity Support Belly Band is our top pick for getting the most support out of a belly band.   You really have to go with a full-blown support belt or tank top to do much better, from what we have seen.

Image of pregnant woman in black Maternity support Band

This support belly band has an incredible amount of technology worked into the weave patterns in order to create a band of support under the tummy and to compress your back and hips just enough to give you relief while recentering your balance and helping your posture.

While it’s unlikely that any belly band will help with more serious pregnancy complications like SPD or herniated abdominals, this belly band will provide some relief to most users for round ligament pain, back aches, sore hips, and other general aches and pains that go with pregnancy.

The one “con” that seemed to be an issue for many users is that this band is so long that it
has a tendency to roll at the bottom for wider hipped mamas, and some people didn’t care for the material style for an item that was too long to tuck in and tends to show underneath tops.

The Blanqui support band is available in 3 colors, so you should be able to coordinate it with almost any informal outfit choice.


  • Lots of support for your back and belly 
  • Extra long length


  • Visible weave pattern makes it look more like shapewear. 
  • Length can be too long for more petite people 


Shop Blanqi Built In Support Maternity Bands Here!


Belevation Women’s Maternity Support Belly Band

If you’re looking for some light support and a lot of good coverage, try the Belevation!

Not nearly as thick or structured as some of the bands designed for intense support, that makes this a lighter and more breathable option for wearing with your jean shorts and tank tops through the summer!

My personal use for these also extended into the winter, when seemingly soft fibers from sweaters would make my tummy itch fiercely, but I was too warm with my internal heat generator (the baby) to wear a full layer underneath!

Make sure that you don’t buy too large — if it isn’t a snug fit then it will roll down and not provide any support!

Keep in mind that this is a thin, low support product, and you could absolutely love it!


  • Lightweight and breathable to keep you from getting too warm. 
  • Works well as an underlayer since it extends high up to over the tummy.
  • Basic tank top style support and lengthening. 


  • Thin enough that it’s almost a “nothing” item. 


Shop The Belevations Shirt Extending Belly Bands!


Ingrid and Isabel Women’s Everyday Bellaband

These are a really good go-to for during and after pregnancy. Folded in half, with their grippy bit of plastic edging, they do really well helping with keeping your unbuttoned jeans in place until you make the leap to maternity.

With maternity jeans, they give a little boost of safety from the low rider issue, by providing another level of security to the standard elastic of maternity pants.

During pregnancy they also work well if you want full tummy coverage, to provide just enough of a support hug to make you feel a little more secure.

As a postpartum belly band they give you tummy coverage for breastfeeding and help you feel like your flabby baby pouch is a little more secure. These are a super practical wardrobe essential that you won’t regret having around.



  • Simple and light with basic colors
  • Wardrobe essential due to simplicity and practicality 


  • Only light support 


To Shop Ingrid and Isabel’s Bellabands, Click Here!


Maternity Support Systems

Type of System What it Is What it Does
BandsElastic wrap that can be worn folded down around the hips OR as fully covering the bellyHelps keep maternity pants from falling down while giving a small bit of "hugging" compression support to the tummy.
Tanktops and CamisolesA full or underbust tank top or camisole with ribbing and elastic built into the back and belly areas. Provides lift for the tummy and recenters your weight by tipping the tummy back towards the spine.
BeltsA structured, wide belt with either velcro or hooks to make it adjustable. Sometimes has groin and shoulder straps. These go under the tummy and are adjustable to allow you to find the level of compression and lift that you need.
Cradles A structured sling and belt system that goes over and under the tummy and often includes groin and/or shoulder straps. The highest level of support possible, this lifts the tummy and holds it in place while working to correct your posture and give back support
ShapersUsually leggings or "Spanx" styled, these tend to be briefs that come up over the tummy. Smooths out love handles and lifts the buttocks and tummy. Provides compression and holds everything in place.



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