Hey! You want a place to guest post? Great! So do I! I’ll trade you! If your site is parenting and pregnancy related and you want me to link to you and share your post, I will trade you! Here’s what I would need from you and would give in return!

  • A post at least 800 words long.
  • Good grammar and sentence structure required.
  • Pregnancy, parenting, kitchen, or working at home relevant.
  • Written from a perspective that enjoys parenting and children OR as a reference or “How To”
  • Linking to or from a site that has NO adult or violent content.
  • Includes a 50-100 word bio where the link to your site will be placed.
  • No affiliate links or direct sales products allowed as post content. Referencing a direct sales company in the bio as your job description is acceptable.
  • Share the link to the guest post on at least 2 social media platforms.

If you want to get in touch with me to swap content and links, email me at mudpielullaby @ gmail.com with your website and the topic which you would like to write about.

Thanks! -Joanna

P.S. I reserve the right to deny any content offered. But I’m excited to hear from you!


  1. This is a great idea! Unfortunately, I write a travel blog, so I wouldn’t be able to participate. I’ll spread the word though to my blogger friends. 🙂

  2. This is a great idea to get guest posters. Unfortunately, I’m a lifestyle/travel blogger with no kiddos (just a puppy) haha. Best of luck to you finding people though!


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