After years of mopping melon juice off of my table, slopping down the side of the trash can when I threw away rinds, and trying to contain mess on a flat cutting board, it dawned on me that all of that was fruitless.

No pun intended.

There was no good reason to be bothering with any of that. And as such, I’ve perfected the melon slicing process. I use this outside, also, which is the only place I allow anyone to eat melon on the rind.

Can we say stick-eee??

If you haven’t had your flip flops peeling off of the floor in your bedroom closet and then realized that there’s melon juice dried on the floor 30 yards from the kitchen table then you might not yet understand why I’m a demon-mommy who forbids watermelon eating in the house unless it’s with a fork and in pre-diced bite sized pieces.

But one of these days you will.

Yes. You will.

So, open your melon on a cookie sheet. Then slice it into manageable slices on that cookie sheet. Then remove the fruit from the rind directly into a serving or storage container.

Line a large bowl with a grocery sack for the rinds. When you’re done, lift the sack out. No mess. Tie it shut and drop it into the garbage can.


This was a seedless melon, and wasn’t super ripe. So it didn’t mess like they usually do. Or this picture would be more dramatic. As such, imaging that puddle of stickgoo in long, shiny streaks down the front of my cabinet and you will know that even this bit is too much.


And now you can eat melon all summer without worrying about the stickies! Have fun!



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