Everybody has their limits.

Mine are pretty broad. I’m fairly magnanimous with my stuff, my time, my keepsakes, and I’m a physical touch person* so usually with my personal space as well.

*(also an introvert, so if you aren’t part of my tribe then you better not be all up in my personal space)

For the most part there’s no place in the house that the kids aren’t allowed.

Our bedroom door is rarely closed.

I almost always have a kid on my lap.

I baby wear. 

I nurse on demand.

Even my bathroom door stays open if hubby isn’t home, so that I can hear the kids from the back corner of the house.

So, you see, I really don’t have a whole lot of boundaries when it comes to them.

But they know. Unequivocally. That Mommy’s corner is OFF LIMITS. My spot on the couch and my tiny side table are my tiny sanctuary.

It’s not much. They still climb into my lap here, but there’s one side of me they can’t reach because they aren’t allowed on the table side of me.

But it’s just enough. Enough to be a little sanctuary in our crazy, messy, beautiful chaos.

And they think it’s such a boring spot that they usually walk away after about 30 seconds.

Do you have a quiet spot that’s just for you?

Everybody needs a sanctuary, so even if you don’t have a room set apart as your quiet space, try to make a spot for you.

If you don’t trust your kids to stay out of things, try using a side table with a locking drawer and setting it beside a small but comfortable chair. Put your favorite book or an adult coloring book and some nice colored pencils in the drawer, and only get them out if you are sitting in your chair.

If the house is a mess, scoop everything off of your chair, pour a coffee, and sit in your spot.

It’s like magic. Try it!


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