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The twins are reaching a phase of speaking, entertaining themselves, spoon feeding themselves, sleeping through the night, and etc.Of course, that means we are teaching two 22 month olds to stay in their chairs, potty in a toilet (starting next month. Wish me luck), stay in their beds, not throw food on the floor, shapes and letters, how to do peg puzzles, how to climb stairs safely, what the yard boundaries are, and so on.
But, since we have survived the infant phase, I wanted to give a shout out to those of you who helped:


Those of you who said “wow! That must be so hard! I will pray you get some good sleep!” instead of “buy one, get one free! I wish I had twins!” (It’s always meant cheerfully, but that’s like telling someone who is hiding in a tornado shelter how much you always wanted to be proficient in “duck and cover” techniques.) 

Those of you who brought me food or water when I was stuck in a chair in the middle of a 30 minute rotation of nursing two hungry infants while suffering brutal thirst and hunger. (If you haven’t breast fed 35 lbs of child every 2 hours around the clock then you can’t even understand. I don’t expect you to.) You were my saviors, and I nearly cried every time I was thought of in that way. 

Those of you who changed poopy diapers without hesitation or complaint. You know how incredible it is to have a stinky child whisked away, then returned all clean and fresh, after changing 8-12 poopy diapers a day for months and months without end?

Those of you who didn’t say “I’d be glad to hold one for you and give you a break!” but said “let me take the dirty/fussy/colicky one'” and let me rock that clean one to sleep.   Seriously. I MAYBE rocked each baby to sleep a total of 10 times in their first 2 years, because the other perpetually needed me as soon as the one I was holding started to settle down. It was such a blessing when I was able to snuggle my child long enough to feel that soft, rhythmic breathing and feel their little bodies relax.

Those of you who didn’t comment (*ahem* JUDGE) on my perpetual bags of candy and trenta sized coffees, but instead would text me to offer a coffee or randomly show up at more door to hand me a coffee and leave. No. The caffeine didn’t bother my little booby leaches. And the sugar was the only thing that gave me the energy to be civil to my first born.

Those of you who didn’t chide me when my 11 month olds were hitting their first birthdays, completely unwilling to eat anything other than mommy milk. Saying “you should get them on solids” doesn’t make a difference to a mommy who is going through daily routines of having her infants vomit baby food into her lap because they passionately despised any and every texture other than warm milk.

To those who recognized how difficult it is to take two infant seats and three kids 4 and under into any store at any time, and wouldn’t drive past my street without asking if I needed anything.

To those who invited our messy, noisy crew into their homes for hot, fresh food that I didn’t have to make and that wasn’t hamburger helper or out of the freezer section.

To those who recognized that my husband was as swamped and tired as I was, and offered to fill in for him instead of asking him favors since he’s self employed and therefore must be perpetually available. *eye roll*

To my friends who were ok with never seeing me unless it was in 90 minute windows, while I was trying to buy groceries and diapers and clothes for whatever kid had decided to outgrow them that week, between feedings after 7pm because that’s when the 4 year old  was in bed for the night and the babies took a long nap.

To my friends who never got offended at me not replying to their texts until 3 AM because that was when I ended up pumping every night, because even when the twins slept a 4 hour stretch, my milk factory didn’t.

There are so many of you who, without knowing it, blessed me in simple ways. You are why we were able enjoy and cherish our sweet little boogers, instead of just mucking through in emotionally comatose stupors.  You might not know who you are, but we do, and we love you!!


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