We had a horrible night.

Absolutely awful.

Our Sunshine girl had a fever off and on all night, so I was up and down with her.

And Tiny One had so much congestion that, after a week of sleeping through the night in the girls’ room, I brought her into our room so I could make sure she wasn’t choking.

Tiny One didn’t do well with that. She screamed. And nursed. And screamed. And chewed.

And didn’t sleep.


And so, this morning, hubby got up and took her out of the room so I could sleep for a couple of hours before he had to leave for the day.  A couple hours later he came in to put his shoes on and give me a run down on the morning.

“So Sunshine made a path of toys up the stairs, and now Tiny One knows how to climb. She’s surprisingly good at it for it being her first morning.”

“Dino Boy has a bloody nose. He had smeared his wall behind his bed with bloody boogers, but I cleaned that up.”

“I’ve got to go, but the kids are eating oatmeal. I think they’ve been throwing spoons away, because I couldn’t find any this morning.”

And so we are off to the races. This morning is definately a caffeine and Netflix morning. Dino-Boy’s nose bleed has finally stopped, and Tiny One slept for an hour. In her own room.

What’s keeping me going today? Certainly not sleep…

But today’s gonna be a good day. Because love, and family, and home.

I hope your day is a good day too. Hang in there!


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Joanna is a mommy to 4 littles: a 1st grader, 3 year old twins, and a baby girl born in 2016.


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