Our back yard will be sprinklers and wading pools. Tan lines and freckles. Turtles and frogs and lizards. Hot dogs straight off the grill. Entire watermelons chopped up on the deck. Swingset mornings and hose spraying afternoons. Puddle stomping and rainstorm chasing. Deck swinging while thunder listening. Underwear and pigtails and sun browned skin. Picnics of boiled eggs and carrot sticks and grapes. Sticky juice of frozen fruit running down arms. Late night bonfires and roasted marshmallows. Tents and crickets and frogs singing.

Our front yard will be morning sun soaks on the steps. Chasing fireflies and moon gazing. Picnic blankets for watching the stars flicker. Lightning and rainbow watching. Coffee drinking, lemonade mixing, frisbee throwing. Fireworks and bubble blowing and chalk drawing. 

Our living room will be lights out fan spinning afternoons of cool and quiet. Popcorn and apple slices and family movie night. Board games in the cool shelter on the hottest days of sticky summer. Open windows and beautiful breezes with wind chimes singing. Coloring pages and chocolate milk sipping through striped straws. Silly dances during downpours and couch naps after hours of sunshine play. Library stacks for summer reading lists and piano playing.

We will go berry picking.

Firework watching.



Zoo exploring.

Library playing.

Creek wading.

Tent camping.

Farmer’s Market shopping.

Country road driving.

Crawdad catching.

Splash pad crashing.

Park walking.

Cloud chasing.

Pool swimming.

Science expirementing.

Butterfly capturing.

Ice Cream Buying.

Popsicle Making.

And we will  have sunburns.

 Sticky messes.

Misquito bites.

Sore feet.

Dirty clothes.

Sweaty heads.

Car rides full of filthy kids.

Scraped knees and elbows.

Exhausted deep sleep nights.

 Marshmallow goo burned fingers.

Ice water guzzling thirsties.

Bumpy sleeping bag nights.

Crawdad pinches.

Turtle bites.

Teeth chattering from cold mountain well water in the sprinkler.

Sandal blisters.

Watermelon tummy aches.

Late night toddler meltdowns after outdoor festivals.

And it will be entirely glorious.

Bring on the summertime!

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Joanna is a mommy to 4 littles: a 1st grader, 3 year old twins, and a baby girl born in 2016.


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