We know that we can’t possibly cover every topic with the zeroed in focus that a large problem might need, so if you’re not finding the specific answers you need on our pages, try some of these incredible resources!

For reasons why breastfeeding is the base standard and formula feeding is sub-par: normalfed.com 

For breastfeeding and latch issues: Dr. Jack Newman’s Breasfeeding Inc

For general breastfeeding information and help: Just Breast Feeding.Com is an excellent little informative site by a IBC Lactation Consultant and DONA Doula!

For Breastfeeding Rights in the US, LLLI United States Breastfeeding Laws Resource 

For Vaccination, co-sleeping, newborn care, and general pediatric/childhood sickness information, Dr. Sears Pediatrics Site

General motherhood/family information and support from a natural, family uplifting perspective: Mothering Magazine

Informative article about breech presentation with resources listed for further research: https://birthinternational.com/article/birth/if-your-baby-is-breech/


As I find more powerful sites that align with the mentalities here at mudpielullaby, (natural health, joyful parenting, encouragement, and raw truths) I will be sure to post them! Feel free to shoot me an email if you have a favorite, information-packed site for me to dig into!


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Joanna is a mommy to 4 littles: a 1st grader, 3 year old twins, and a baby girl born in 2016.


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