You guys!

We had a ***** drum roll *****  PERFECT MOMENT!

I mean, let me describe the moment for you. Picture this. The house was clean and quiet. The sun was shining. The wind chimes were singing.

Boy 1 was trying to teach Girl2 (six months old) how to crawl, while Boy2 “played fetch” with the cat by gently rolling a ball up against him and then giggling quietly when it rolled back to him. Girl1 was snuggled up beside her daddy, singing lullabies to her dolly.

It. Was. Perfect.

Then it all fell apart in an instant. Girl2 thought crawling was miserable. The cat ran away. Girl1 decided to crawl into her daddy’s lap in spite of there being a computer there. Boy1 thought chasing the cat with a new toy with Boy2 sounded more fun than the grumpy baby who didn’t want to crawl.

Noise. Chaos. Messes. But you know what?

That was a perfect moment, too. 

Hubby was showing patience while trying to save the computer and teach Girl1 to climb gently. The boys were learning life together while trying to figure out how to play with the cat. The grumping baby was stretching muscles and learning motor skills.

We were all there, doing that moment together, with grace for each other. 

Noises and chaos and messes happen because people are people. The perfect moment isn’t defined by how pleasant and silent your world in, but in recognizing the fact of growing and learning together, and rejoicing in the humanity of your little world.

Enjoy all your perfect moments. And survive the not perfect ones so that you can laugh them off later!


You got this!





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