So Many Stores…

So Little Time!


So, at which stores should you create registries?   I think there are several factors for choosing your registry locations for your baby shower, and here are my top four:

  1. Income Average Of Those Attending The Shower
  2. Average Age of Those Attending
  3. Ease Of Location Access For Stores
  4. Online Registries That Include The Majority Of Your Items

Choosing Your Registry Based On Income

Getting ready for a baby is expensive! And, let’s face it, most of America can’t afford thousand dollar strollers and seventy dollar onesies. Most of us can’t even afford organic diapers. It’s very important to be considerate of those who will be giving when creating your registry.

Choosing stores with the more standard, affordable brands is very important if you want to receive the things you actually registered for.  Walmart, Target, BabiesR Us, and Sears/Kmart carry nice, affordable options and basic essentials that will allow your friends and family to help without burdening them with large costs.

If you are creating a registry for a more posh, high dollar nursery, try places like BuyBuy Baby and AlbeeBaby, or shoot for the moon and register at  But be sure that, regardless of the income and gifting habits of the guests, you put practical, affordable items on your registry so that anyone who is having a tighter month than you are aware of doesn’t feel the pressure to spend big!

Choosing A Baby Registry Based On The Age Of The Shower Guests

Will your shower be mostly your fraternity sisters and co-workers? Or will your guests mostly be your aunts from both sides, as well as a plethora of grandmas and step moms? I’ve been to plenty of showers, and while some are an even mix, some have a definite stronger attendence from an older or younger set.

Younger guests tend to enjoy shopping boutiques, or ordering online. Older guests want to walk into a department store and make a physical purchase. (These are generalizations, of course, and not meant to be an all inclusive statement of fact.)

If your shower is going to be mostly comprised of older attendees, I would strongly suggest creating a registry at a brick and mortar location that they will all have access to, and making it a practical registry of furniture, clothes, feeding and diapering basics, and a few pieces of essential gear. Also make sure to include gift cards on the registry.

Ease Of Access to Local Baby Stores

If you don’t have a Target within 50 miles, I don’t think it’d be the best plan for a registry. That being said, if you live in a rural community you will definitely want to register with someone who will give people free and/or fast shipping.

Regardless, if the only store you have in your area where you can shop baby gear is Walmart, PLEASE make sure you have a registry there! As I mentioned before, many people want to make a physical purchase in a physical store, so if you want to have things purchased off of your registry instead of chosen at random, it’s very important to give that option to your guests!

Online Registries That Have The Bulk Of Your Needs List

When choosing your online registry, I reccomend you do the following:

  • choose your stroller, breast pump, and car seat
  • find which online registry carries all three
  • create that registry and fill in all the peripherals from what is available at that site

It isn’t a good thing to send a shower invite with a list of 6 different registries. Cross comparing isn’t something guests will do, and if they can’t see that you don’t have a carseat yet they aren’t likely to worry about it.

On the other hand, if your online registry seems to have all of the essentials listed, they will assume that anything that isn’t crossed off is something you don’t have yet.

Our best bet for finding everything online in one spot?


On to the next step — Filling that registry!


We are working on creating an “essentials only” list for you to check off as you make your registries — but it’s not quite ready yet. As soon as it’s up, I’ll link it here! For now, browse some of our reviews and see if there’s anything helpful!

In the meantime, here are some starter ideas:

  1. Choose a car seat and a convertible seat for when baby becomes toddler
  2. Choose a stroller that will cover all your bases until baby is 3..
  3. Request diaper samples from the leading manufacturers so you can feel the differences.
  4. Compare Pumping systems and see which one will meet your needs.
  5. Think about planning a “registry party” with a few of your more experienced mamma friends at your local baby supply store.
  6. Drink a decaf frap and kick your feet up.

Don’t forget that maternity and nursing clothes (and chocolate!) are perfectly acceptable registry items!


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Joanna is a mommy to 4 littles: a 1st grader, 3 year old twins, and a baby girl born in 2016.


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